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“I got interested in trading stock and shares after going to a seminar in my local town, since I joined Learn About Shares I have been having quite a few lessons which I’m enjoying the team are marvellous to me, Ellen is a breath of fresh air, she makes you feel good even on a bad trading day, as she helps me through what I think is a big problem. I am very happy with the support I am getting from the staff in Learn About Shares.”

Kitty Donohoe (Cavan)

“Since signing up to Learn about Shares last February, I honestly must say it has been the best decision I made this year. Hand on my heart, I am making money from investing wisely in the stock market.

I attended an information seminar and subsequently had a one to one consultation and there after signed up for the educational tutorial, where one gets one to one consultation for step by step guide through the different modules. The course is done at a pace decided by one self. At this point I would stress it would be foolhardy to venture into the stock market without having completed the training module, unless you have previous experience, which I did not have.

When you are ready to trade confidently you are introduced to a bonafied stockbroker who will advice you what stock to buy and when to buy and also when to sell. For example my stockbroker recommended buying into BP. I bought approximately 3,500 worth of shares on the 10/06/10. Today 18/08/10 they have returned a profit of 8.78% or a gain of €438. Another example on the 10/06/10 I purchased approximately 3,500 worth of shares in another company, today 18/08/10 the have returned a profit of 9.83% or a gain of €491.

I have not invested a huge amount simply because I do not have the money to do so, but what I have invested is making money even in the recession. It is also a bit of fun and something to look forward to when I get up in the morning, going on the internet and checking my shares to see how they are performing.”

M. Killeen (Clare)

“I have found Learn About Shares a fascinating programme, and a lot easier to use than I expected. So far I have confined my activity to a dummy account (effects of the recession!) but I am beginning to see how serious money could be made. I still make the occasional mistake. I have found the Learn About Shares people very helpful – they don’t just sell you the programme and run. And the brokers are always ready to answer your questions. Highly recommended. All the best”

Anthony Galvin. (Cork)

“I have found the Learn About Shares software and support package to be an integral tool in forming a simple system of buying and selling shares. Learn About Shares pulls together all the essential information needed to trade shares successfully. I have found it easy to sift through the stockbroker tips, looking for buy signals, with this software. The stockbroker gives a very well informed opinion about the risk and rewards of a share before you buy. The real value of the Learn About Shares software is when you can track your shares and read when to sell. It is very easy to buy a share, however Learn About Shares has educated me as to when to ‘let go’ of a share. Thankfully, Learn About Shares has helped me to ‘let go’ of shares at a far more profitable time, which I would not have done, had I not joined Learn About Shares.”

Fergus Scannell, Co Clare

“I came across learn about shares through a friend at the start of this year. When I visited the website I found that there was to be a seminar in my area the following week. I attended the seminar and amidst all the doom and gloom that is out there I found the learn about shares people to be very positive and refreshing, they saw the present climate as an opportunity. I purchased and received the software a couple of weeks later. I started immediately, reading up on the educational material. I commenced trading using a dummy account and the daily tips that I was receiving all was so easy to use and there was always access to a member of learn about shares people had I any queries, it was not long before my dummy account was starting to show profit. I was then given a broker to continue my tuition and commence trading for real. The broker( Richard Neagle of merchant securities) keeps in contact with me daily and is always available by phone or e-mail to help or offer advise, and has also in the short time I have been dealing with him has given me some excellent trades which have yielded great profit. To date I have found my learn about shares experience to be fun, exciting and best of all profitable and would have no hesitation in recommending it to any of my friends.”

Regards Alan Hickey

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past few months. I cannot recommend the training programme enough. Before this I had absolutely no idea how the financial world worked even though I have my own business. I must say this has opened up a whole new world for me. If I never traded a share I have learnt so much. As we all know the name of the game is making money and hopefully plenty of it. Isn’t it wonderful to be in control of your own money. Not to have some financial institution telling you that after years of saving or putting every extra penny into a pension, that there is nothing left. Learn About Shares gives you all the help and knowledge to go out there and make it happen for yourself. After some months of going through the learning and studying process I feel that I am now ready to take the next step and start trading. It has always been said to me by Jonathan that you should trade when you feel you are ready because the trade will always be there. I think one of the most important things to realise is that with profit comes loss but the team teach you not to be afraid of this and to hold your nerve. So it is with all these thoughts that we should have initiative and nerve and take control of our money and go and try make lots more. Again to Jonathan and his team a big THANK YOU”

Yours sincerely Michelle Rynne (Co. Clare)

“The first time I heard of learn about shares was on the radio, Robbie was talking about the stock-market which I knew nothing about. The part I did understand was he said he had a program for people just like me. I’ve always knowing that there was big money to be made but was always to busy, so I went to a meeting in Donegal town, I was very impressed and could not believe how easy it looked. The old “to good to be true” flashed up a few times. Since then I have made 3 very good friends, -Jon at L.A.S always there no matter how stupid my questions thank you, the main man Robbie always on the ball a great man to chat to and Mark Rigby in London who makes it so easy, in the last 8 weeks since goin live I have made a 100% gain on my investment and in these times that we are in learn about shares is the light at the end of the tunnel for me. “You can if you think you can”

Trevor Clarke, Lifford (Co. Donegal)

“L.A.S. have consistently helped me to achieve unbelievable returns and have secured me five times cheaper trading with a leading Irish Stockbroker and opportunity to deal with one of the largest Stockbrokers in the U.K.”

Mr. Ken Kinsella, Director at Contemporary Living Ltd.


“I found using this software to be of excellent benefit to me and the back up and support very efficient.”

Mr. Dennis Coffey

“I found this product very useful, easy to use and I found the tips and recommendations to be very good.”

Mr. Jimmy Lyons

“The back up and support that I received with this product was excellent.”

Mr. David Dwyer

“I would recommend that anyone with the slightest interest in the stock market or anyone looking to make extra cash to sign up to this course.”

Mr. Kevin Clare

All of the above clients have supplied Learn About Shares with full contact details but some clients have requestd general information only to be included on this site.