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‘Shares’ are simply a share of the value of a company. Shares can be held by individuals like you or by banks or insurance companies who invest money on behalf of their customers. The individual share prices listed on the market can change from second to second, depending on how many people are buying and selling each share, and what the last buyer was prepared to pay. By following the movement in the share price, investors can not only judge whether they want to buy or sell the shares of a particular company but can also judge how well it is doing in the eyes of other shareholders.

At learn About Shares we will show you how to spot a growing company, when is the correct time to buy shares in that company and when is the correct time to sell shares in that company. We will provide you with daily recommendations and an in built simulator with stop losses and profit alerts so you can perform these functions at ease.

The advantage of Investing your money in shares are as follows

  • As companies grow, the value of stocks also increases. If an investor picks the right companies to buy stocks from, the probability of profit is very high due to the tendency of the market to have an upward trend. Further, if the investor traded actively, he may profit more and in such a short period of time.
  • Liquidity. The stocks traded in the market also have greater than other assets such as property. This means that it can be easily converted into cash by selling the equities with other traders in the market.
  • Diversification is simply not putting all your eggs in one basket. If you make smaller investment in various different companies, the likelihood that one of your investments fails means that it won’t have a great affect on your total investment. If you have all your eggs spread between a number of baskets (investments), you are more insulated from any possible downturns. You can get greater diversification though investing in shares. Compare this to say property where a large sum of money is placed in just one investment.
  • Information about a particular companies share, especially blue chip shares, are just about everywhere, news on TV, newspaper and most financial websites. You get to know up to the minute value of your share portfolio