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How does it work?

All companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will be listed inside the program. After installation, the LAS Trader allows you to create your own simulated portfolio of shares. Once you have created your portfolios, the program will update daily and show you the progress of your shares. A dedicated Account Manager will begin your training and education at this point. Once you have completed our training programme you then will be ready to successfully begin investing for real.

What’s in the Program?

The program comes in 3 stages, each component installs individually.

  • The Trading Program (LAS Trader)
  • 15 Stock Market Course Modules
  • A Help File to get you started (also a printed version is included)

Is it easy to use?

Yes. After installation, 3 new logos (icons) will appear on your computer screen (desktop), one for each part of the program. The LAS Trader does not require a lengthy amount of time to understand and is very simple and easy to operate. Once you have created your portfolios, then the hard part is done. Sit back and watch your share prices update daily.

Constantly Updated.

Every evening, the program updates all listed share prices which allows you to track your portfolio with considerable ease. All 6000+ shares update automatically with particular reference to the shares you own.

Your portfolio will then contain:

  • Current Portfolio value.
  • All dealings on your account (this assists in any CGT returns).
  • All monetary and percentage gains on your stocks.
  • Any shares hitting their sell signals will be highlighted for you.


Not only does the program come with daily share price updates but also trading charts. Individual shares can be graphed and studied over the last 5-year period. The program lets you analyse Simple Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index, Volume, plus many more technical indicators.

Benefits of joining with us?

By joining Learn About Shares, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A program that allows you to trade confidently and live on the markets.
  • Course Modules that explain in depth how the markets move and function.
  • Daily share price and market chart updates.
  • IT support and a full backup service.