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Learn About Shares is Irelands leading Stock Market Education Company offering Stock Market training, which will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make successful Investment decisions for life. You will be assigned an experienced Account Manager who will guide you through our training programme. You will be taught how to read charts allowing you to pinpoint the best time to buy or sell a share. Our Trading Programme allows you to create a “Fantasy Portfolio” ensuring updated portfolio valuations and daily alerts, providing you with buy and sell signals.

From our research we have found that people tend to buy shares and rarely sell them, which results in no profit being made from their investments, We will teach you how to make a profit from buying and selling shares.


FACT: People buy shares to try and make money or increase their net wealth, but don’t realise their portfolio profit potential.

FACT: People don’t sell shares, because they don’t know how to sell them and what to do with the proceeds.

FACT: People only make money on the Stock Market, when they sell their shares.

FACT: If you have a system and structure on how to buy and sell shares, you will make money.

We will help you to take control of your financial future enabling you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

Robbie Sweeney MD Learn About Shares


“I have found Learn About Shares a fascinating programme, and a lot easier to use than I expected. So far I have confined my activity to a dummy account (effects of the recession!) but I am beginning to see how serious money could be made. I still make the occasional mistake. I have found the Learn About Shares people very helpful – they don’t just sell you the programme and run. And the brokers are always ready to answer your questions. Highly recommended. All the best”

Anthony Galvin. (Cork)

“I have found the Learn About Shares software and support package to be an integral tool in forming a simple system of buying and selling shares. Learn About Shares pulls together all the essential information needed to trade shares successfully. I have found it easy to sift through the stockbroker tips, looking for buy signals, with this software. The stockbroker gives a very well informed opinion about the risk and rewards of a share before you buy. The real value of the Learn About Shares software is when you can track your shares and read when to sell. It is very easy to buy a share, however Learn About Shares has educated me as to when to ‘let go’ of a share. Thankfully, Learn About Shares has helped me to ‘let go’ of shares at a far more profitable time, which I would not have done, had I not joined Learn About Shares.”

Fergus Scannell, Co Clare

“I got interested in trading stock and shares after going to a seminar in my local town, since I joined Learn About Shares I have been having quite a few lessons which I’m enjoying the team are marvellous to me, Ellen is a breath of fresh air, she makes you feel good even on a bad trading day, as she helps me through what I think is a big problem. I am very happy with the support I am getting from the staff in Learn About Shares.”

Kitty Donohoe (Cavan)